News@the Heart

Nicole Booth

By Victoria Lubas


Nicole Booth has certainly made the most of her four years here at IHA.

She is an active member of Model U.N., a member of the executive board for the National Honor Society, and co-president of IHA’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society. In addition to being a member of the Photography Club executive board for four years, and president for the past two, Nicole is also the photo editor of both Orb, IHA’s literary magazine, and Accents.

Nicole also won a Soaring Eagle Award for the second marking period of her senior year for standing out as an exemplary Physical Education student.

Without a doubt, Nicole will continue to be successful when she moves to Scotland to attend the University of St. Andrew where she will be majoring in International Relations, Management and Art History.

“Nicole is a dedicated and focused leader for the National Art Honor Society. She has the ability to juggle many leadership responsibilities with aplomb,” said Mrs. Encke, the Arts Department Chair. “Nicole’s attention to the Empty Bowls Project last year allowed the NAHS to contribute significantly to the Center for Food Action. She was an integral participant in the Art@theheart Art Show for young artists. She was also a founding member of the Photography Club. I am confident that her strong leadership in the arts will serve her well in college. She will be missed!”

Nicole says that her best memory of the Heart is meeting all of her friends over the last four years. “I’ve met my best friends and each day a new memory is made with them, whether it is at locker break, in the lunchroom, or in class. We have all seen each other grow so much since freshman year and every day I learn something new from them,” she said.

Looking back at the last four years, Nicole says she wouldn’t change a thing and her time at IHA has “been truly amazing,” but wishes she hadn’t worried or stressed so much throughout the years.

Thank you, Nicole, for the dedication and hard work you have shown in both your classes and clubs. You have been a large part of IHA and will be missed and fondly remembered. IHA wishs you the best of luck in college and beyond!