News@the Heart

Alexa Gonzales

By Emily Koehne
Opinions Editor

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 7.52.57 AMThroughout her past four years at IHA, Alexa Gonzales has definitely made the most of her time. She was a member of ITS, a senior class officer, and a WIHA anchor.

Alexa was also a strong contributor to IHA’s Care program. She ran Sharehouse, which is an organization that serves food to the elderly. Her efforts were acknowledged when she received a service award for her all of her work.

One of Alexa’s passions at IHA has been theater. She has been involved in every IHA and Don Bosco play since her freshman year.

Another passion of Alexa’s is writing. She discovered her love for writing by joining Accents, for which she is now the Editor-in-Chief. Also, AP English with Mrs. DeSanta opened Alexa’s eyes to the possibility of pursuing a career in writing.

“Mrs. DeSanta in junior year AP English helped me realize that I really loved English. It  made me realize I might want to be a journalist someday,” explained Alexa. “AP English made me work the hardest out of any class at IHA. It was difficult for me to struggle with it, but it  made me a better writer in the end.”

On top of all of her stellar extra-curricular activities, Alexa has received recognition for her outstanding academic achievements. She has taken many AP classes and has received Distinguished Honors most quarters. In addition, she was awarded the Wellesley College Book Award.

Two of Alexa’s favorite classes were AP History with Mrs. Kim and AP Calculus with Mr. Millard. “These classes were always fun to go to! I had great friendships with both teachers and learned a lot in their classes,” Alexa said.

When asked if all the hard work was worth it, Alexa responded, “Yea it was definitely worth it! There were some ‘high highs’ and some ‘low lows.’ A lot of the time I was very stressed out and doing a lot of work, but at the same time, I was having a lot of fun because of the people I was surrounded by. The hard work payed off in the end!”

Being at IHA for so long, Alexa has made friendships that she hopes will last a lifetime. “Out of anything at IHA, I will miss my friends the most. I feel like I made a very good friend group here and we are all very close. It will be tough leaving them,” Alexa commented. 

“In the end, I have learned how to have such a strong work ethic from IHA. It is worth it to give one-hundred percent in everything you do. I feel that I have and now it has paid off.”

Continuing to study what she is passionate about, Alexa will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles, majoring in English and Communications. IHA wishes Alexa the best of luck in her future and knows that she will achieve anything she sets her mind to!