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Meghan Rice

By Heather Farrell
Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 1.54.48 PMOPINIONS EDITOR

Whether it is swimming on the school swim team, filming a documentary in Costa Rica, taking part in STUCO, or just hanging out with her friends, Meghan Rice has made the most of what IHA has to offer.

“Choosing IHA was a no brainer. The atmosphere, girls, extracurriculars, sports, faculty–basically everything stood out to me right from the beginning,” Meghan responds when asked why she decided on the school. “ I got the feeling that this was a place that I could grow and become an educated, young woman and I was right. “

Meghan has been very active in the IHA community; she is a member of Get Reel, Eucharistic Ministry, Prefects, and the swim team. She says the swim team has greatly impacted her and she is lucky because “not everyone gets the chance to be a part of something so great.”

Meghan’s involvement does not stop there. Did we mention she is President of STUCO? Meghan has been a part of STUCO for all four years. She was a general member during her freshman year, a cabinet member sophomore year, secretary in her junior year, and now she is President. “[It] has been such an honor and I loved every minute of it,” she remarks on this feat. “Becoming President was definitely my most accomplishing moment at IHA.”

She is heavily involved with her local parish’s youth group and has served as a retreat leader. Meghan is also employed as a lifeguard and secretary.

Reflecting on her IHA years, Meghan refers to  junior year as her favorite time at IHA. She finally had the satisfaction of being an upperclassman with new responsibilities, junior rings, and junior prom. The excitement with the realization of who she was becoming overpowered the hecticness of SATs and college tours.

She never met a communication class she didn’t love. Despite the challenging workload the classes entailed, the results were nothing short of amazing. “These courses allowed me to take my interests in communications and advance them, and I couldn’t feel more prepared for college and a career in this field,” Meghan comments.

She will mostly miss the faculty, her friends, and her kilt. “They have made my time at IHA something I will always treasure,” she says.

Her best friend is someone who will be especially missed. They have been going to school together for 13 years and this will be the first time they will not be at the same school, but Meghan is comforted with the fact that they will only be a phone call apart.

Meghan’s post-IHA plans include attending Sacred Heart University in the fall. Highly anticipating her college career, Meghan exclaims, “I could not be more excited! I will be majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing and can’t wait to see where God will lead me in these next few years.”

We wish her the best of luck to her, and IHA knows she will succeed in anything she does!