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St. Brigid’s Society Freshman Take A Trip to Yale University

Emily Koehne

On Wednesday, April 15th, IHA’s St. Brigid’s Society Freshman took a trip to Yale University. They attended an information session, and then took a tour of the campus.

They also got to experience the city of New Haven, and even had the chance to eat on campus. For many of the freshmen, it was their first exposure to a college campus and tour.

“I thought that the Yale trip was a really great experience because it was the first college tour that I’ve ever gone on, and to be surrounded by other girls who were also on a tour for the first time made it almost like an introduction to college tours, easing us all in before we really start looking Junior and Senior year,” IHA student Cassandra Mitsinikos said.

The freshmen got to hear what is expected of them when applying to colleges in the future, and what they can do to start preparing now.

“I think it was a great opportunity to not only visit Yale but also get an insight on what college is like. We learned a lot about about things unique to Yale such as ‘shopping’ for classes and the different dorm houses, but we also learned about general college things such as all the different courses,” IHA student Heather Farrell explained. 

The girls were given very helpful advice that will certainly assist them in their college application process. Overall, it was a wonderful learning opportunity and everyone had a fantastic time at Yale.

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