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Class of 2015: Last Will & Testament

I, Emily Allen, leave my half app trips and Lets Yo sit-ins to Shannon O’Neil; my XC skills to my cousin, Kelley Corbett; the password to the lacrosse twitter and the book to Ava Cico; and most importantly, I leave a suitcase to come visit me to Becca DeRosa.

I, Lilliana Barhe, leave my impeccable charm on my teachers; my senior sweater to Nicole Kalabalik; my locker to Katie O’Toole; and my love for gym to Sophia Gulati.

I, Allegra Berg, leave the music department to my little sister, Lydia Anderson-Dearborn, as well as my success throughout my 4 years at IHA; the Tri-M Music Honor Society and the piano, its bench, and Voices, to Ashley Cha. I leave Handbells to all of those who participated this year, as it definitely was, and will be, a team effort. I leave the Chinese Language and Culture club to Emily Koehne; and I leave all my support and wishes of luck to the upcoming Seniors.

I, Nicole Booth, leave the National Art Honor Society, the photography club, Orb, and Accents to the future generations of IHA, and wish the best of luck to all the upcoming seniors.

I, Victoria Cali, leave my kilt to my sister, Gabby; my Starbucks runs to Sarah Browning; my Dunkin runs to Lauren Foote; 216 to Alara Siegel; and the WIHA studio to Lauren Foote, Kaitlyn “Frosh” Bertolino, and Gabby Rossi.

I, Julianna Cangialosi, leave my gym locker and memories to Sarah Browning and wish the best of luck to my favorite freshman, Erica Timpanaro and Sarah Persico.

I, Mary Kate Carolan, leave my love for the tri-color flag to Ms. McNulty; my sensational driving ability to my sister, Kristen; all my full sets to Gianna Cheeseman and Lauren Walsh; and my love for AP Bio to Allison Klein and Sarah Browning.

I, Brielle Cenci, leave all my great soccer memories to Meg Ralph, Meg and Sam Allen, Meg Ahearn, McKenzie Kilduff, and Allison Cole, and all my lax memories with our crazy coach to Gianna Beckmeyer, Tara McCormack, Sam Sutton, Becca DeRosa, Catherine DeKorte, Shannon O’Neil, and Olivia Remley.

I, Brianne Chewcaskie, leave big/little sister day to Kathleen; my parking space and study guides to Megan; and the IHA swim team to Sarah, Kathleen, and Megan.

I, Caile Criscione, leave my good days on the LAX field to Gianna Beckmeyer; my senior sweater to whoever wants to not pay for one; my days on the bus and three more wonderful years to the freshmen from Paramus; and I leave my incredible memories and experiences to those who are also willing to embrace and take risks in this school.

I, Stephanie Doheny, leave the WIHA TV studio to Simona, Lauren, Gibbi and Froshie; my singing and memories in VOICES and Song and Spirit to Ashley, Faye, Adelaine, Kyra, Lydia and Rosemary; my ability to edit videos to Alara; and yo my “little sister,” Kendra, the courage and determination to get through her junior and senior years at IHA.

I, Molly Dudas, leave the responsibility of bringing something other than bread to SHARE House to my XC running partner Sam Sutton, and all of my boy roles to the somewhat talented Victoria Duffy, knowing she was born for every one of them and many more.

I, Katie Farlese, leave our ice cream and Starbucks runs to Hope and Jenn, and all the motivation I didn’t have to the upcoming seniors.

I, Madison Forte, also known as Madfortexo, leave the excitement of the upcoming Bergen Catholic football season to Mackenzie, Frankee and Allie. LONG LIVE BC CHEERLEADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, Jacqui Gnassi, leave the great memories of high school to my little sisters Caroline Ventor and Cailey Muraca; the jam sessions to Olivia Priolo; and the morning lateness and coffee runs to Sam Carlo.

I, Francesca Goerg, leave mock trial to Nika Nejad, and everything else to Amy Iafrate, Mia Magarro, Erin Carroll and Reagan Jones.

I, Alexa Gonzales, leave behind finsta responsibilities to Emily Hernandez and jam sessions/Andy Gibb harmonies to Vic Duff.

I, Nina Harris, leave all my valuables and possessions to my cousin, Alaina–wear my kilt with pride. I also leave to her my parking spot, number 121, as her senior inheritance. Lastly, with great affection, I leave my humor to the Mathews, my writing to Orb, and my patience to Mrs. Suta.

I, Shannon Heiser, leave my parking space to Katie Ludwicki, and my Halycon editing skills to Erin Latz.

I, Margaret Horne, leave swimming, wardrobe, and my loud voice to my little sister, Sarah; the daily car rides filled with bad singing and dancing to Gaby; Big Sister-Little Sister Day and impressive leadership skills to Kristina; and an amazing senior year filled with laughter, happiness, and (hopefully) no stress to Laura.

I, Nicole Hurler, leave all my cheer stuff to my lovely SJR cheer girls; our car rides and breakdancing to Caitlin Fish and Laura Giambastiani; all my service to Jamie del Rosario; Midnight Run to McKenzie and Michelle; and my life to Sydney Wall.

I, Kelly Johnson, leave my positive legacy with faculty to my fantastic little sis, Claire. To the lacrosse team, I leave you with endless runs at practice–I love you all. And to my little one, Annie Quinn, I leave you with my sarcasm, rudeness and sass–I am so proud of you.

I, MaryKate Kelly, leave all of the musicals, as well as the power to ensure that all people stay in their lanes, to Claire Yoler and Emily Hernandez.

I, Maeve Kenny, leave freshmen hall traffic jams and future senior sweater to Aileen Deegan ’19; my parking spot to Meghan White ’16; driving to Starbucks before practice to rising senior volleyball players; and I leave another successful season to the volleyball team.

I, Lena Kleinberg, leave Kyra Campos-Marquetti all the good times, smiles and memories I experienced throughout my four years at IHA. I leave Riley Maloney my perseverance to endure the unique sport of rowing, especially when I reached the maximum limit of exhaustion, yet refused to miss school or the seventh practice of the week. Good luck with the rest of high school!

I, Isabelle Landers, leave my soccer cleats to Brianna Alonso.

I, Nikki Lattarulo, leave my BC Cheer legacy to all the rising juniors; my weirdness at practice to Mackenzie and Frankee; and all my laughter and love to the entire IHA and BC Cheer family.

I, Kristin Ludwicki, leave our crazy morning drives to my sister Katie, and my senior sweater to Tirana Feliconio–wear it proudly!

I, Brooke Majkowicz, leave the endless nights of stress to my little sister, Taylor, and ask that you and Pinky keep squad alive.

I, Jordan Martini, leave my love for food, car rides and love to my little sister, Claudia Hurley.

I, Kerry McCullagh, bequeath my impeccable chemistry notes and parking lot knowledge to Jamie del Rosario.

I, Alyx McKiernan, leave my basketball pinnies to Madison Seelman.

I, Kailey Medzadourian, leave everything to Reilz.

I, Lizzie Miller, leave Nike/Lululemon headbands and pasta party car rides to Sophia; an undefeated soccer season to Erin, Shannon, and Molly; my Spanish expertise to Alisha and Bri; my Free People obsession to Jules; and STUCO lunch meetings to Isabella.

I, Sarah Moritz, leave my AP Chemistry memories to Laura Lobst and Melissa Beale.

I, Caroline Namiotka, leave my amazing pole vaulting skills and my spot in the 4×4 to my favorite junior ever, Julie Weismiller.

I, Susan Neggia, leave Jill Neggia with the crack in the driveway, two more amazing years at IHA, and all of my love; I leave Jill Neggia, Catherine Fazio, Kate Sheridan, Amanda Lauer, Jillian Calocino, Alexis Wiener, Kristin Kunnapus, and Patricia Cox with the IHA swim team and many more league, county, and state titles (I know with you ladies, it is in wonderfully talented hands).

I, Megan Nyhuis, leave my parking space and my senior sweater to my sister, Mackenzie Nyhuis.

I, Stephanie O’Brien, leave Tech Corps into the brilliant hands of Lauren Foote; I leave the IHA and St. Joe’s shows to Maddie Barry and Melissa Katsapis, Grace, Dani, and I love you!

I, Stephanie Olear, leave my Starbucks obsession to Ashley Rose; my driving skills to Katie Jones; and all my love and dance moves to the basketball team.

I, Morgan Phillips, leave my Mock Trial memories to my mini me, Morgan Honor, and all of the others that will participate in it next year; happy times to all of the new freshmen; and a great year to the upcoming seniors.

I, Meghan Rice, leave all my STUCO documents to Michelle Garda, Jen Wilson, and Bella Paladino; my swim cap to Kristin Kunnapas; my awkward hallway smile to Patricia Cox; my math books to Kathleen Rattazzi; my last name to Kate Rice and Megan Rice; and all my college stress and best wishes to the upcoming senior class.

I, Jillian Rucereto, would like to leave my gold poms and my tight uniform to my BC cheer family; my car rides to practice to Jesse and Lauren; my parking spot to Gianna; and all my college stress and great memories to the upcoming seniors.

I, Kelly Saldarriaga, leave the yearbook to Ava Cicio; all the math classes to Jamie del Rosario; and the joys of the next 3 years of high school to Julia Bertussi.

I, Sabrina Santamaria, leave all of my memories in the halls of IHA, but keep the friendships I’ve made in my heart forever.

I, Maddy Shahin, leave my legacy to my sister, Katie Shahin; my sense of humor to Senora Echeverria; and all my love to the upcoming seniors.

I, Victoria Smith, leave all my love to the rising seniors–the Class of 2016; and best wishes in all your future endeavors to my fellow seniors, my sisters, the Class of 2015.

I, Caroline St. John, leave West Point football games to Kara Sutcliffe, Jill Perini and Courtney King; and all my love to my Spanish girls Sophia Gulati, Ally Larson, and Amy Lafrate. ❤

I, Laura Tesoriero, leave my odd religions and traditions in Mock Trial to Madison, Nika, and Julia; my decent advice to my little sister, Zoie; and my ability to study the night before every test to Annie.

I, Francesca Tomesco, leave my pompoms to Natalie Deutsch, and the best of luck to Katie Shahin and my little sister, Kelly Murphy. To the upcoming seniors, don’t let senior year run away from you; enjoy it while it’s still here.

I, Aine Tucker, leave all the sprinters on the track team the willpower to push through hard workouts and long meets without me next year; I leave Allison “My Humps” and the astounding ability to twerk; I leave Ang 400 hurdles (good luck surviving those on your own) and the leadership of the team; I leave Brielle 400s, 4x4s, and dealing with the agony of finding out from coach that you’re running another 400 just before the event starts; I leave Christian Shane; I leave Emily and Giavanna the ability to make Matt Joyce constantly feel awkward; I leave Kelley my wit, sarcasm, and (sometimes) positive attitude to get her through junior year and be a great big sis; I leave Gianna and Lauren show-stealing talent show performances so that they can continue the great Irish dancing tradition at IHA; I leave Michelle, Jenn, and Bella weekly STUCO lunch meetings; and I leave Tara the great duty of living up to the McCortuck name in the absence of her two sisters.

I, Gabriella Vinci, leave all of my complaining to Annie Quinn; my spot on the lacrosse team and shooting with our tongues out to Diana DeVita; and my mid-hallway conversations and sick b-ball skills to Kelsey Agnew.

I, Maggie West, leave my SJR cheer bow to Sydney Wall and Natalie Deutsch; my paintbrushes to Meave Connelly; and all my love to the upcoming senior class.

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