Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty of Murder

By: Christine Jacob

Odin Lloyd CNN

Odin Lloyd was murdered by his friend, Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole.
Photo Credit: CNN

Aaron Hernandez, a former New England Patriots star, was found guilty of first- degree murder of his friend Odin Lloyd. He was sentenced to life without parole.

The twenty-five-year-old shook his head “no” while jurors in the Massachusetts trial found him guilty. Along with being guilty of first- degree murder, he was also found guilty of unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

As he was being transported from the courthouse to a state prison, he stated, “They got it wrong. I didn’t do it.”

During the trial, Lloyd’s relatives described Lloyd as a loving brother who rode his bike to work for ten miles and wore the same flip- flops for twelve years. His mother, Ursula Ward, stated that Lloyd was “the backbone of the family.”

However, Lloyd’s mother has found forgiveness in her heart.

“I forgive the hands of the people that had a hand in my son’s murder, either before or after. And I pray and hope that someday, everyone up there will forgive them also,” Ursula Ward said.

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