Starbucks Debuts New “Evolution Fresh” Smoothies

By Victoria Lubas

Starbucks is teaming up with Dannon Greek yogurt and Evolution Fresh juices to introduce new healthy and tasty smoothies to their menus.

Starbucks introduces three new smoothies: Mango Carrot, Sweet Greens and Strawberry. Photo Credit: news.starbucks.com

Starbucks introduces three new smoothies, Mango Carrot, Sweet Greens and Strawberry, in the Northwest starting Wednesday, April 1 as a healthy alternative to its other sugary drinks.
Photo Credit: Starbucks

The smoothies come in three delicious flavors: Sweet Greens, Strawberry and Mango Carrot. They are a great tasting and healthy substitute for a typical sugary, caffeine boost ranging between 170 and 230 calories and containing at least 20% of your daily fruit and vegetable intake.

The 16-ounce smoothies are $5.95 each and are made “with high-pressure pasteurized, cold-pressed juice, and forgo artificial sweeteners,” according to takepart.com.

Starbucks says “Evolution Fresh worked with yogurt leader, Dannon, for nearly two years to craft the perfect creamy canvas that would marry the two primary smoothie ingredients: Greek nonfat yogurt and cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice made using high pressure processing.”

In keeping with Starbucks’s recent health kick, there is also the option to personalize your smoothie by adding kale, protein powder or extra yogurt.

The smoothies are currently available at 4,300 different Starbucks stores, many being in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. They are also available in select grocery stores nationwide.

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