Teen Entrepreneur Makes over $500,000 through Babysitting

By Shannon Gleba

During Noa Mintz’s summer break in 2012, she developed a better childcare company after a challenge posed by her mother.


Teenager Noa Mintz began her own babysitting business, ‘Nannies by Noa,’ allowing her to earn over $500,000.             Photo Credit: The New York Post

Then twelve-year-old, Noa had noticed the babysitters and nannies her parents hired to take care of her had little to no interest in their job. Her mother told her if she found better babysitters, she would be happy to hire them.

Noa was able to find a great babysitter, and went on to help her close family friends with choosing a new caretaker.

The nannies must send in a résumé and an application. Also, they must have both a phone and in-person interview, along with a background check and references. After the application process, ‘Nannies by Noa’ will match the hopeful caretakers with a family.

In the beginning of 2013, her company was only composed of 50 clients and has since tripled. As Mintz’s company grows, she has enlisted some help to navigate through the technical parts of the company. Her father, who owns a private equity firm, helps with the economical aspects it. Also, recently, Noa has hired a CEO to run the company while she works on finishing high school.

At this point in her career, it is reported that annually Mintz brings in almost $500,000. When asked if she will launch another business after high school, she says, “We will see.”

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