Measles Outbreaks Are on the Rise

By Andrea Petrow

ANAHEIM, CA – After a family became ill with symptoms of the measles from going to Disneyland in California, pediatricians tell parents to vaccinate their children.

From the beginning of January till the end of February, there have been 150 reported cases of the measles in 17 states. Even though it is highly recommended to have parents vaccinate their children, some parents believe that it is not necessary.

The disease can be spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The contagious period of the disease usually lasts for eight days, which is four days before the rash appears and then four days after.

“Travelers from other parts of the world where the disease is still prevalent could also be bringing it into the U.S,” the CDC said. It is said that an infected person who was returning home from somewhere overseas most likely caused the outbreak in Disneyland. The CDC suggests that anyone who plans on leaving the country should have a measles vaccination.

The measles vaccination is recommended for everyone, especially during this time of the measles outbreak. Photo Credit: BBC News

The measles vaccination is recommended for everyone, especially during this time of the measles outbreak.
Photo Credit: BBC News

Two doses of the MMR vaccine is said to be almost 100% effective against the highly contagious disease.

Many people are concerned, however, that if they vaccinate their children, the child will become autistic, but this interpretation was proven to be non-existent. Dr. Natasha Crowcroft informed everyone that the vaccine is safe and there is no need to worry.

“Parents who seek vaccine exemptions also fail to consider the impact on those who can’t be vaccinated,” an anonymous source said. Unfortunately, for those who are going through treatment for cancer, infants, or children who are allergic to vaccines, aren’t able to get vaccinated, which causes a scare for parents.

It is said that about 100 people have picked up the measles and almost half of that group was infected from visiting or working at Disneyland. Since December, there have been over 100 cases that are traced back to Disneyland in California.

An 18-month-old boy has died in Berlin from the measles, and there are now more measles cases in California. Many of the people who have contracted the disease or showed symptoms were not vaccinated.

At Princeton University, a student had a confirmed case of the measles—this is New Jersey’s second confirmed case.

Canada is also concerned about the measles outbreak. “Measles spreads like wildfire, it’s one of the most contagious illnesses that we have and that’s one of the concerns,” said Dr. Frank Jagdis. A new poll says that now 80% of Americans support vaccines and only 13% oppose of them.

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