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Beck’s Wikipedia Page Hacked after He “Stole” Beyoncé’s Grammy Award

By Kyle Sacchi

It seems as if Beyoncé fans were not happy by the fact that Beck won the Album of the Year award over the “Single Ladies” star.

Within minutes of his announced win, fans hacked into the singer’s Wikipedia page and added some negative commentary to the biography. The new info labeled Beck as a “stealer” of Grammys, which hackers claim was meant to go to Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled album.

Source: Us Weekly

Beyoncé fans were not happy with her loss to Beck for the “Album of the Year” Grammy, causing one fan to post on Beck’s Wikipedia page that he literally “stole” the Grammy from Beyoncé. Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

“He is the stealer of The Album of the Year award,” the page stated after the ceremony, adding that he took it from Beyoncé Knowles, “the Queen of the World.”

Speaking of which, Kanye West even infamously ran up on stage to take the award from Beck, as he was giving a thank you speech. You could see Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z,  as their mouths completely dropped. Beyoncé’ was seen saying “No, Kanye, nooo!” from the audience cameras before bursting out into laughs as she and Jay-Z realized that it was a joke.

Beck encouraged Kanye to “Come back” as he went back to sit down next to wife, Kim Kardashian.

It seems as if the whole situation caused quite an uproar in Beyoncé’s “Beehive,” including help from a seriously mad and tech savvy fan.