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St. Brigid Society Freshmen Visit Liberty Science Center

By Emily Koehne

IHA’s St. Brigid Society freshmen took a trip to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ on Thursday, February 5th, where they spent the day in the classroom learning about forensics science.

“The trip to the Liberty Science Center was great! Forensics science is a science that I never had the opportunity to learn about before, and I am so happy that I did!” exclaimed IHA freshman, Maeve Kelly.

The girls learned about specific aspects of forensic science including blood testing, fingerprinting, and handwriting and footprint identification. They got to apply what they learned through hands-on experiments, such as testing the types of ink in pens using acetone and chromatography paper. The girls were able to observe the different colors that create various types of black ink and match a pen to one found at a crime scene.

In the afternoon, the freshmen were put to the test. They were presented with a crime and had to use what they learned throughout the day to solve the criminal case.

“I loved the crime scene investigation because I felt like I was a real scientist,” said IHA freshman, Bridget Dimaano. “We had to test everything ourselves and think critically to find the suspect that was guilty.”

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