Patriots Player Rescues Woman from Car Accident

By Meghan Berger

It’s all in a days work for New England Patriots Defensive Lineman, Vince Wilfork. After the Patriots’ big win against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, Wilfork helped rescue a woman from a car accident on his drive back home.

Wilfork and his wife were driving back from the game when they saw an overturned Jeep on the side of the road in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Wilfork pulled over and discovered the driver, Mary Ellen Brooks, trapped inside the car. He stayed with Brooks to keep her calm until law enforcement arrived, and then helped pull her out of the car while the police officer held the door open for him.

Wilfork stayed humble about his rescue stating, “I think anybody would do the same thing… It wasn’t a big deal; it was seeing someone that needed help and helping. I was just trying to get her to safety.”

The driver of the car was arrested on the scene and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

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