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IHA Competes in NJ Science Olympiad

By Heather Farrell

On January 15, 11 IHA students participated in the New Jersey Science Olympiad held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The Olympiad was comprised of 13 events involving environmental science, anatomy, experiments, and engineering. IHA competed in nine of these events.

11 IHA students participate in the NJ Science Olympiad on January 14.

11 IHA students participate in the NJ Science Olympiad on January 14. Photo Credit: Dr.Brennan

20 different schools from all over the state competed. IHA placed 18 out of 20 in the tournament results. Al-Ghazaly High School in Teaneck came out in first place.

In Bridge Building (Kristen Kjetsaa, Emily Koehne, Eilis McLaughlin and Cassie Mitsinikos), IHA came out in 5th place out of 20. In Anatomy and Physiology (Jackie Rogers, Rachel Shingelo, Dominique Restivo), placed 6th.

Four juniors and seven freshmen from IHA participated. It was open to anyone who was interested but a lot of girls chose to not take part because the competition fell during midterms exams.

The moderators for the competition were science teachers Dr.Brennan and Ms.Fitzgerald, and technology teacher Mrs.Mistretta.  Mrs. Mistretta says, “I am very proud of our girls’ hard work and dedication in preparing for the Science Olympiad!”

All photos are courtesy of Mrs. Mistretta and Dr.Brennan


Photo Credit: Mrs.Mistretta

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