New Year’s Eve Tragedy Strikes China

By Morgan Williams

What was meant to be a seemingly harmless celebration to ring in the new year turned into tragedy as a storm of people stampeded the most populous city in China killing thirty-six people.

Chaos in Shanghai erupted roughly twenty-five minutes before midnight with no definitive explanation. Originally police suspected the stampede began because of a rush of people reaching for coupons that resembled dollar bills, but it is now believed that one person falling may have caused a domino-effect of mayhem.

Although it only lasted about thirty seconds, it took ten minutes for the injured and unconscious people to be carried out of the crowd and into emergency care.

Before people knew it, there were thirty-six people dead, over forty-seven injured, and numerous individuals in a hysterical panic all over. The state media reports that many of the people affected are students. Despite the devastation of the event, police admire how the people in the crowd really tried their hardest to help in the time of struggle.

Following the tragedy, the countdown to the new year was relocated but many remained where they were. Also, on Thursday, January 1st, many laid flowers at the scene in memory of those lost.

All in all, a witness told CNN that he learned never to attend large gatherings like that ever again.

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