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‘The Interview’ Released on Christmas Day

By Rosemary Pawloski

The controversial Seth Rogen and James Franco movie, The Interview, was released on Christmas Day in select movie theatres and as a surprise digital release.

Sony pulled the movie from theatres after terrorist threats from the so-called “Guardians of Peace,” and a hack on their systems from the same group revealed personal information about its employees and executives.

After an urge from President Obama, Sony decided to put The Interview back into theatres that would show it, and also gave a surprise digital release on YouTube, Google Play, and Microsoft.

Movie theatre chain, AMC, stuck with the decision to not show the movie, but a small movie theatre chain, Alamo Drafthouse, seized the movie along with other independent chains. In total, about 300 theatres in the country showed The interview on Christmas Day.

Over the weekend The Interview made $2.85 million in the box office and $15 million through digital releases.

Most reviews of The Interview called it a “typical comedy.” Even so, The Interview proved to be the most controversial movie of all time.