NYC Christmas Windows Sure to Please

By Victoria Lubas

New York’s department stores once again hit home runs with their beautiful Christmas window displays.

The Cinderella window display at Saks Fifth Avenue Photo Credit: Victoria Lubas

The Cinderella window display at Saks Fifth Avenue are spectacular.
Photo Credit: Victoria Lubas

Saks Fifth Avenue’s windows are decked out in honor of Christmas, and do not disappoint. Saks’ main windows display the modern and fashionable tales of princesses and other classic fairytale characters.

The fairytale windows include famous lines from stories, reworked in clever ways to apply to modern, New York City life. From Cinderella falling “madly in love with a pair of designer shoes,” to Sleeping Beauty “having trouble adjusting to the city that never sleeps,” the witty windows make every observer smile.

The side windows are also filled with beautiful dresses and shoes, providing every fashion-forward girl with daydreams for weeks of lavish parties and luxury ball gowns.

One of the Lord and Taylor window displays Photo Credit: Victoria Lubas

One of the Lord and Taylor’s astonishing window displays this year.
Photo Credit: Victoria Lubas

Lord and Taylor also has beautiful window displays with the ongoing theme of animals enjoying the holiday setting. The windows include birds enjoying their decorated birdhouses adorned with wreaths and garland entitled “home tweet home” and mice sitting on a present covered couch in a room filled with animated portraits of all animals, from dogs to giraffes.

Macy’s also meets expectations with displays of a young boy and Santa traveling from planet to planet. In the last window, the boy and Santa finally arrive at Earth and watch the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York from outer space.

As usual, the window displays of New York’s department stores were dressed both to impress, and fill everyone with classic holiday cheer.

The last Macy's parade window of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from space Photo Credit: Victoria Lubas

The last Macy’s window depicts the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from space.
Photo Credit: Victoria Lubas

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