AirAsia Flight Missing

By Shannon Gleba

Earlier this year, everyone was shocked with news that a Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 239 people disappeared during its trek from Malaysia to China. A search to recover the airplane still remains fruitless, as the search parties have not yet found any signs of the Boeing 777.

This Sunday, December 28, the world was once again faced with the shocking revelation that another flight– this time from AirAsia–is missing.

This jet departed from Indonesia with 162 people on board early Sunday morning, and after a mere 42 minutes in the air, lost contact with air traffic control.

The flight crew had asked for a change in flight plan due to a large ban of dense clouds, and was allowed to fly left to its submitted plan. Five minutes after changing flight plan, the jet disappeared from the radar, and has not been found as of now.

Flight Map of Missing AirAsia Flight Photo Credit: The Chicago Tribune

Flight Map of Missing AirAsia Flight
Photo Credit: The Chicago Tribune

A large number of the passengers on the flight were identified as being from Indonesia, three passengers from South Korea, one from Britain and one from Malaysia.

Search teams from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia suspended their search late Sunday night, and continued their hunt early Monday morning in hopes of recovering the plane.

AirAsia has set up a family counseling station at Singapore’s Changi Airport, where they will receive up-to-date information being collected by the air and sea search.

The United States has offered its help in searching for the plane and will continue to be a resource as the investigation develops.

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