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T’was the Week before Christmas

By Heather Farrell

T’was the week before Christmas, and all through the halls,

The students were fretting over what to buy at the malls.

The grades were posted on Genesis with care,

And before the students checked,they said a quick prayer.


Teachers were assigning tests left and right,

While the students were studying all day and all night.

Morning prayers were about the Jesse Tree,

After the girls watched WIHA on their classroom TVs.


Santa was hidden throughout the school,

With a traffic safety message that was pretty cool.

The Advent Prayer Service was a lot of fun,

Mr. S dressed up as Santa and surprised everyone.


Freshman Kristen Egan won the “Find Santa” contest,

The gift she won left everyone quite impressed.

Mrs. Kearns had her calculus students singing math carols,

They sounded far better than cats in a barrel.


Mrs. Shutrop and some girls left to go to Jersey City,

They brought the boys and girls gifts that were wrapped very pretty.

Their smiles and grins lit up the day,

Showing our students that generosity is the way.


Administration told the teachers no homework over break,

While girls thought about all the cookies they will bake.

Principal Pat Molloy spoke during the assembly craze,

And told everyone to enjoy the holidays!

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