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Girls Soccer Team Ranked #1 in the Nation

By Kate Della Pietra

WASHINGTON TWP– IHA beat Holy Cross in the state finals on Sunday, November 16th at Kean University and became number one in the state of New Jersey–something that hasn’t happened for IHA in a while.

There were many shots taken during the game, but none of them went in, except one shot from IHA’s Isabelle Landers. It was soon called offside, though. The team was very upset, but they kept fighting.

In the final minutes of the game, Rebecca Jarrett was dribbling down the field when a girl tripped her and a penalty was awarded. Alex Mesropyan took the shot and it went in the upper right corner, making it a win for IHA.

The crowd filled onto the field in excitement and made a dog pile on top of Alex. Holy Cross was upset, but IHA was gleaming with joy. They had just won what they worked hard for, and would soon be recognized as number one in the entire nation.

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