Maleficent: Not Your Average Fairytale

By Fiona Ralph

Maleficent takes the genre of Disney Movies to a whole new level. This movie was very different from any other Disney film to be released. The concept of “true-love’s kiss” was completely redefined.

The film, starring Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, and Sharlto Copley, was a great masterpiece of acting. The actors made the film seem realistic and familiar even though it takes place in a magical kingdom. Angelina Jolie shines as Maleficent and shows that even the darkest people can learn to love.

Maleficent puts an interesting twist on Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Photo Credit. The Internet Movie Database

Maleficent puts an interesting twist on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
Photo Credit. The Internet Movie Database

The motion picture was based off of the Disney story Sleeping Beauty. The two films have many connections but with a twist. Maleficent is wicked-esque, where the audience is told of the Wicked Witch’s story instead of the classic Dorothy-tale. This tale brought background to the story of the villain in Sleeping Beauty.

This film justifies the saying “There are two sides to every story.” We see that Maleficent is not the evil character we thought her to be, but a caring, loving person who was wallowing in the desire for revenge. A few of the scenes were truly tear-jerking.

The story was not your average love story, but that of two characters, almost like mother and child.The storyline was beautifully told and every scene flowed nicely into the next. The film was stellar. That’s the simple truth here. The way that Sleeping Beauty flowed in and out of the film was impeccable. The twist on such a well-known tale could not have been done better.

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