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IHA Girls Enjoy Spending Time with their ‘Big and Little Sisters’

Victoria Lubas


Seniors enjoy some frozen yogurt with their sophomore sisters. Photo Credit: Mrs. Proscia and the Photography Club

The approaching holidays and thoughts of Thanksgiving remind everyone of family members. There is a close bond between family members, whether gatherings take place every weekend or only during the holidays. This same bond is ever-present between the IHA sisters.

IHA sisters enjoy catching up on each other’s busy lives. Photo Credit: Mrs. Proscia and the Photography Club

On October 7, the IHA community celebrated the highly anticipated Big/Little Sister Day tradition. The juniors showed their enthusiasm at meeting their freshmen little sisters by decorating their lockers with ribbons, candy and anything festive and fun. The sophomores did the same for their senior sisters, seizing the opportunity to make the year fun and memorable from the beginning.

Sophomore, Lydia Anderson-Dearborn, said she had fun decorating her sister’s locker using “individual letters to spell her name…including a Star Trek symbol and the Avengers A’s.”

“I added some awesome wrapping paper and some pictures and quotes from some of our favorite movies,” she adds.

In the afternoon, the sisters got together, picked up right where they left off, and spent time catching up on each other’s lives, from clubs to college and everything in between. The sisters exchanged stories, advice, and small gifts, to commemorate the day that will be remembered all year.

Once again, IHA’s Big/Little Sister Day was a fun-filled success complete with laughter and storytelling that all IHA sisters will cherish and reminisce about for the years to come.



All photos are courtesy of Mrs. Proscia and the Photography Club.

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