Spy-Like Cheating Scandal in China

By Morgan Williams

With immense stress to do well on their exams, more than two thousand Chinese students came up with a high tech way to ace their national exam.

Most people recognize China as a country with a rigorous education system. With that reputation comes pressure for students to meet the expectations set for them. Therefore, 2,440 Chinese students have resorted to using high tech technology to ensure a good grade on the test to become licensed pharmacists.

In many popular movies, it is common for a spy to put an earpiece in his ear while someone in a room far away feeds him information.

For $330, fake candidates would take the test, leave quickly, and memorize the questions. Next they would broadcast the answers to the test takers’ earpieces. Consequently, the students using this device were caught when invigilators detected abnormal radio signals.

This is not the only instance of cheating in China. Frankly, with the competitiveness of the educational system, cheating has become part of the culture.

A Beijing-based educational consultant and teacher, Jiang Xuequin, told CNN, “Chinese people see education as a game to be beaten. If you can beat it, you’re a good player. If you can’t beat it, then you’re just stupid. Cheating is seen as a fair way to play the game.”

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