Bethany Mota’s Incredible Journey to Fame

By Bridget Dimaano

Imagine making one fashion YouTube video when you are fourteen years old, and about four years later, you have your own clothing line, a Teen’s Choice Award, a spot on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and a new single. It is almost unbelievable to imagine, but that’s the life of Bethany Mota.

It all started with Mota’s first YouTube video. She got her camera and filmed a “haul” video about her new makeup. She is known as a “beauty guru” on YouTube. Her videos consist of makeup tutorials, fashion tips, “Do It Yourself” projects, and other seasonal topics. From 7,553,431 subscribers and counting, Mota is one of the most famous YouTubers to exist. She says, “I’ve definitely learned if you really want something, just go for it, no matter how much it scares you.”

A crowd of fans eagerly await Bethany Mota's arrival during her 'Motavatour." Photo Credit: Zimbo.com

A crowd of fans eagerly await Bethany Mota’s arrival during her ‘Motavatour.”
Photo Credit: Zimbo.com

Mota worked with the famous brand of Aeropostale and launched a clothing line of hers on December 8th, 2013. Before the release, she talked about the style of the line and said, “I definitely infused my personal style into each piece, but I am a teenager so my style changes all the time! My viewers had a lot to do with the designs too. They are always tweeting me photos of what they’re wearing and what they like, so it was helpful to see what they were looking for in that aspect.” She has also released a new perfume and is currently working on new clothing lines for the seasons.

A new clothing line meant new fans, who happen to call themselves “Motavators.” Mota started to receive fan mail and was being spotted on the streets by fans. Mota then started a national tour called the “Motavatour” at Aeropostale locations for the launch of her clothing line and for the opportunity to meet eager fans.

When the “Motavatour” ended, Mota’s fame definitely did not end. Mota was nominated for two Teen Choice Awards this past August. With the dedication of her fans voting, Mota was astonished when she won the female award for “Choice Web Star.”

Bethany Mota is filled with joy as she accepts the first every Teen Choice Award for "Choice Web Star." Photo Credit: Tubefilter.com

Bethany Mota is filled with joy as she accepts the first every Teen Choice Award for “Choice Web Star.”
Photo Credit: Tubefilter.com

This was also the first time the Teen Choice Awards had a category for YouTube stars, making this an even greater accomplishment.

On September 15, 2014, Bethany Mota premiered on ABC’s hit reality show Dancing with the Stars. She is the first star on the show to represent YouTube. Her partner is Derek Hough, and they call themselves, “Team Motough.” The two have shared a special connection; they are really good friends on and off camera, which makes their dancing have life and feeling. Although Mota has never had any dance experience, she is still in the competition. She is working very hard every week, and is a fan favorite.

Every week, her fans tweet “#TEAMMOTOUGH” all over twitter. Even big celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, have complimented Bethany Mota on her dancing.

Swift tweets, “Oh my God, LOVE HER, oh my God.  @BethanyMota @derekhough @DancingABC #BAEthany”

But Mota isn’t stopping here; she has just released a new single on October 13th called “Need You Right Now.” Mota is very excited about her new music and is ready to work on more. In an interview she says, “I really want to dive into music now. I’ve been wanting to get into music for three or four years now – to do covers or write songs. And now with the single out there, I feel like that was the perfect way to introduce my musical side to my audience and everyone else.”

Bethany Mota and Derek Hough dance the jive on the first week of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Photo Credit: Fashiontimes.com

Bethany Mota and Derek Hough dance the jive on the first week of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.
Photo Credit: Fashiontimes.com

All of these accomplishments were not an easy journey for Mota. When she was a child, she was homeschooled and very shy, but then made some friends when she attended a public school in third grade. In middle school, Mota started cheerleading to make more friends, but she soon was homeschooled again.

Mota started to get bullied in eighth grade. She was very stressed and started to have anxiety issues. She then made her first YouTube video to distract herself from the bullying and to pursue her hobbies of make-up and fashion. Mota found a friendly beauty community on YouTube and was really excited. Her videos soon became popular and grew to a channel with millions of fans that love and support her.

Mota has learned much about self-confidence and happiness. She says, “I think it’s taught me to be a lot more self-motivated and has taught me how to encourage myself and not rely on a teacher or a boss telling me what to do. I’m my own boss. My biggest thing to overcome has been not being afraid to be different. It’s safer to do what everyone else is doing, but it pays off way more to be yourself.”

Bethany Mota’s fans have now become her family. Her fans keep her humble, and she tries to thank them as much as possible. Mota is loved by many and is always striving to help teenage girls. She brings smiles to their faces with her happy, joyful personality. “You have all the potential to be what you wanna be,” she advises her viewers.

The dancer, singer, fashion designer, and hit YouTuber is a quadruple threat who is loved by millions as she spreads her message of positivity and love.

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