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New School Year Brings New Changes

By Gabriella DePinho

With the new school year at IHA comes many new changes such as new food services, ID tags, and new school supplies for the freshman class.

IHA instituted the new food service system, Cater to You Inc., after twenty-five years of loyalty from the Franklin Food Concepts Inc. Services, which was owned and led by Mrs. Rosemary Brill, has officially closed. Cater to You is committed to making meals on site and getting all foods from local farms and bakeries.

IHA students stand in line to purchase food from the school's new Cater to You service.

IHA students stand in line to purchase food from the school’s new Cater to You service.

On the Cater to You website, the company states, “Our commitment is to provide traceable, local, and sustainable meals with a focus on seasonality.”

When asked about her opinion on the new food, sophomore Simona Riccardi comments, “I think [the food] is improved and healthier, but the lines are so long because the new food is in such high demand.”

To make these changes possible, the IHA kitchen got an upgrade, including new appliances and cookware. The IHA cafeteria also got new rectangular tables and new chairs. Now it not only looks nice, but there is more room to walk among the tables, while still having the same amount of seating.

Another change IHA introduced is the new ID tag system–a system put in with the student, staff and faculty’s safety in mind. Anyone who works in the IHA building now has to wear an ID tag with his/her name and picture, but no indication of belonging to IHA. This ensures that if the tag is ever lost outside of the building, no stranger will know that it belongs to a member of the IHA community.

Another feature of the IHA ID tag is that it opens all doors to the building between 7: 10 and 8: 00 a.m and 2:00 and 3:15 p.m., unless your tag has special access for other times.

Students feel secure with their new school identification cards.

Students feel secure with their new school identification cards.

Two new additions were made to the IHA freshman supply list: an iPad and a uniform backpack. IHA freshmen now are required to get a MacBook Air instead of the Pro and an iPad Mini, which allows them to still have the great features of the laptop but also a more interactive learning process.

The IHA freshmen were also required to get uniform backpacks. The new backpacks are black with “IHA” written in blue lettering and plenty of space for all a girl’s books. Each freshman has found a way to make her bag distinguishable amongst a group of others, leading to some expressions of creativity among the freshman class.

The changes are all for the benefit of the IHA community, and so far, things have been looking good for the Blue Eagles.

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