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Freshmen Volunteer at NJ Community Food Bank

By Annie Wojnarowski

On Wednesday, October 8th, the IHA freshman class visited the Community Food Bank of New Jersey in Hillside to help those in need.

In sweatpants and t-shirts, each member of the class of 2018 sorted items, mostly food, but also household necessities and toys, into boxes. For two hours, gatorade bottles and pasta sauces were put into place, box after box.

“It was tiring after a while, but I really felt compelled to help out these people in need,” says freshman Emma Hammer.

After volunteering, the students were sent into rooms and given information about the people who desperately need this food. Sister Carol Ann educated the class about the struggles that families under the poverty line face every day, worrying if there is going to be food on the table that night.

“It was very humbling seeing how many people care about how much hunger and poverty there is in New Jersey,” says freshman Lisa Ferioli.

During the course of the day, students were restricted from eating from 7:50 am to 12 pm. This made the students feel at least at a small level, the state of hunger that many people under the poverty line experience every day.

The students came back to IHA with an understanding of the struggles of poverty and the initiative to help those in need.

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