NBC Reporter Tests Positive for Ebola

By Niki Lattarulo

An American NBC Cameraman working in Liberia for the past 3 years has been tested positive for Ebola.

33-year-old Ashoka Mukpo started feeling achy and tired early Wednesday and discovered he had a low running fever. He immediately sought medical attention and was diagnosed with the Ebola Virus.

Doctors in the United States say that Mukpo has a very good chance of survival because the amount of virus in his body is extremely low. The 33-year-old is being flown back to the US this week to get the best possible care at a treatment center equipped for only Ebola patients.

NBC News president Deborah Tarness released a statement saying, “We are taking all possible measures to protect the general public along with all NBC Employees.”

Anyone who came in contact with Mukpo is being held in quarantine for 21 days under close watch.

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