Is the Iphone 6 Really Worth It?

By Kim Mains

Imagine freezing while camping out in the early morning waiting for the iPhone 6. As each hour passes, your excitement grows, but once you finally get into the store, you think to  yourself, “was it really worth it?”

September 9th, 2014 was finally time for an upgrade. Apple products released the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus to the world. Since then all Apple has received is negative comments and reviews regarding the product’s poor operating system and easy-to-break hardware.

Iphone 6 bends when pressure is placed on the phone.  Photo Credit: ABC News

Iphone 6 bends when pressure is placed on the phone.
Photo Credit: ABC News

The new iPhones start at $199 and $299. With that comes some new features such as bigger screens, better photo/video quality, better ‘slo mo,’ and faster  LTE speeds.

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus are made of aluminum, which is a very light and weak material. This makes the new iPhones susceptible to dents and bends.

Many people’s complaints are with the size and the look of it. “I think it’s too big and I don’t like the fact that [Apple] came out with two of them because it is unnecessary, ” says IHA freshman Victoria Muller. “[The iPhone 6 Plus] looks like a small tablet.”

Although Apple may think that its new design is modern and sleek, some disagree.

“It’s weird-looking,” IHA Senior Nikki Lattarulo said. “It’s too big,” IHA Freshman Kristen Egan remarks.

Overall the iPhone 6 is not as exciting and innovating as many people thought it would be.  With some major issues, this phone does not hold up to usual standards.

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