Go-to Fall Fashion Looks: How to Dress Your Best

By Sarah Manzo

It’s a a fall morning. You wake up ready to start your day. You get out of bed and take a shower–now it’s time to choose an outfit.

Most girls would go for the boring ‘boots and jeans’ look because they don’t know what to wear and don’t want to spend too much time choosing an outfit, but this fall we can  look cute without spending a fortune.

“I would like to wear high-waist skirts or a skater dress,” IHA freshman, Bridget Diamaano, said. High waisted skirts are slowly becoming more popular in the fashion industry and have rapidly increased people’s desires to have them.

Some people, like IHA freshman Amanda Troya, aren’t as into the skirts and dresses like others, but like to stay simple. “Jeans and leggings are always okay,” Troya comments. No matter what, jeans and leggings are easy to style up and style down.

Now we can’t forget about completing the overall look.

‘Flowy’ tank tops with a sweater to cover your shoulders can instantly make you look great–and of course, you can never go wrong with the shoes you choose.

“I love Timberland boots! They make any outfit complete in an instant!” exclaims freshman Haley Gallagher.

Some other new shoes are Jordan’s, combat boots, flats, moccasins or Uggs. You can never go wrong with any of these items, and do not be afraid to mix and match.

Previously at New York City’s fall fashion week, we saw many new styles from the more high-fashion area. Clothing companies like Burberry and Fendi sported long, colorful flowing skirts with tennis shoes to match–an odd combination, but it brought each aspect of the outfit together.

Other designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Channel showed off very classic yet elegant pieces. As far as the makeup aspect, dark purple and maroon colors can be shown on the lips of celebrities.

Fall means dark colors, so get ready for a lot of smokey eyes. And bags from Michael Kors can always top off a look! Let’s all look adorable this fall and rock our unique style!

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