Joan Rivers’ Death Shocks the World

By Haley Gallagher

Shocking the world tragically, Joan Rivers’ death on September 14th was another devastation in the celebrity world.

The respected comedian passed away due to cardiac arrest during a routine endoscopy—a procedure that evaluates one’s esophagus and gastrointestinal tract through medical imaging devices. During the minor procedure at a Manhattan Medical clinic last week, an unscheduled biopsy is believed to be the reason for the death.

At the time of the endoscope procedure, examiners allowed Rivers’ throat doctor to observe her body even though he was unauthorized to do so. He had not been able to work at that clinic, causing a violation of the state law.

“He asked and they let him,” the source said. “A huge no-no.”

Still unclear of the true cause of Rivers’ death, medical examiners did an autopsy of the celebrity’s body, but results are inconclusive. These doctors will continue to test on the body.

With the world being shocked by this sudden death, many people have publicly expressed their grief including many of Rivers’ relatives and friends. Twitter has been blowing up with celebrities and fans offering their condolences to the famous family.

Kathy Griffith was one who couldn’t believe the new, when she tweeted, “ A legend, a friend, a mentor, an icon, and wildly funny. One of a kind. RIP.”

Many say it was a blessing to meet her and that they wish they could have another chance to tell her how much she was appreciated. Ellen DeGeneres tweeted to her millions of followers, “Joan Rivers will always be a pioneer. She paved the way for a lot of comedians. I’m very sad she’s gone.”

With the world struck by this tragedy, Rivers obviously made a large impact on the world and her legacy will live on. 

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