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Spring is finally here and along with the hopes of warmer weather, we get a slew of new spring shows! The first show is Crisis on NBC.  The show’s plot is based around a group of high School students who are the children of highly influential parents, including the President of the United States, that have been kidnapped.  As the FBI goes further into the case things only get more confusing. This is a show that you cannot miss an episode of due to the amount of twists and turns they manage to fit into just one hour.  The main theme of the show, and the shows tagline, is “how far would you go to save your child.” This leads to many parents going to extremes to save their child, which include putting national security on the line.  Although the show has just begun, it has shown promise and might just be able to stick around.

Also new to NBC is Believe. The new series is backed by big names such as Alfonso Cuaron and J.J. Abrams, but is that enough to help it survive? Believe is a paranormal show that follows a band of heroes, both moral and some in need of saving.  These heroes are living in a dangerous world, and the fate of this world is in the hands of a young girl. Reviews of the show seem to be mixed, but promising.  The show has just begun and there are still big questions about where the show is going to go, but there is still plenty of time for all of those questions to be answered giving Believe the chance to become a hit drama.


imgres-2 Finally, new to ABC is Resurrection, which is about exactly what it sounds like, people coming back from the dead. This is a topic that can be very hard to make a serious show out of, and it seems like Resurrection is realizing just that.  The main problem with the show seems to be with continuity errors in the writing and just an overall lack of flow in the storyline.  However, this is something that can be changed and Resurrection just might be able to make a comeback.


Now that you know what’s up and coming in the TV world, make sure to check them out and see for yourself what these shows are all about.

– Meghan Berger


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