Rescuers search for survivors of shipwreck off South Korea’s coast

Nearly 300 people remain missing today after a ferry to a South Korean island resort sank quickly in the Yellow Sea on Wednesday. The ship sent its first distress call just before 9 a.m., however sank just two hours after that call from unknown causes.
Officials reported that four people aboard the ferry Sewol were confirmed dead, but around 164 had been rescued just as the ship began capsizing. The exact number of passengers on the crowded vessel is not known, but a bulk of those aboard were students and teachers from Seoul’s Ansan Danwon High School, preparing for a trip to the resort island of Jeju.
Survivor Lim Hyung Min told CNN affiliate YTN that he heard a loud bump right before the ship began to capsize, which caused many of his classmates to fall. The crew then ordered the passengers to put on life vests and jump into the ocean, where Min had to swim to safety in the freezing water.
Helicopters, military vessels and fishing boats are swarming the scene, battling against the dark, cold, and rapid currents to try to find the remaining passengers.

– Margaret Joel

Source: http://euronews.com/2014/04/16/many-missing-as-south-korea-passenger-ferry-sinks/
Photo Source: cnn.com

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