New and Improved

Despite her struggle with drug abuse, Amanda Bynes has completely transformed herself! The star successfully finished her first quarter at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising on Wednesday, and plans to continue taking classes there. “If she was offered an acting job anytime soon,” a source says, “she may not take it because she’s so focused on school.”

Bynes first began her education at FIDM’s Orange County, California, campus back in January, and made a great first impression upon arrival. “She was very nice, friendly, and chatting with her classmates,” a source says. The star had originally intended on studying fashion design, but decided to pursue merchandise product development instead. She recently shared a “new sketch” on her Twitter page, which definitely shows her talent for the field.

Bynes’ plans for the future are a step in the right direction, especially for someone who just recently completed treatment in rehab. Now that she has left New York for California and is living with her parents, the star has built a strong foundation for herself. Her lawyer recently said of the situation, “she is doing very well and reestablishing a close and loving relationship with her family.”

– Hope Rice

Source: EOnline.com

Photo Source: Dailymail.com

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