MaryClaire Bacha


Describing herself as organized and on-top-of-things, MaryClare Bacha stands, clipboard in hand, as one of IHA’s best leaders. Best known for her frequent visits to homerooms, as part of her two-year position as class secretary, MaryClare also acts as a key leader on the cross country and track teams, as well as in her Christian Service work with Spectrum for Living.

Donating most of her after-school time to the sport of distance running, MaryClare has remained a dedicated member of the cross country and track teams since she joined her sophomore year. She says, “it is important to me because I have goals I want to hit and I work hard to accomplish these goals.” She likewise co-leads CARE’s Spectrum for Living Group, a center for adults with special needs. Her friendliness and caring personality is noticed in both areas, as MaryClare has been described as “one of the best teammates to have” and has also been noted for her kindness (and knack for arts and crafts) at Spectrum. She attributes these traits to her natural inclination to have fun and her affinity for making other people laugh.

Throughout her years at IHA, MaryClare has most enjoyed Psychology class, and has been frequently noted for “psychoanalyzing” her friends (with a proud smile on her face) based on what she has learned in class. Her passion for the human psyche, when combined with her inherent care for others, drove MaryClare to attend Salisbury University in Maryland as an Elementary Education major. “I have wanted to be a teacher since career day in first grade” says Bacha, who has worked with kids for the past few years as a babysitter and day camp counselor. Her decision is not surprising to anyone who knows MaryClare; a friend of Bacha’s states “MaryClare is one of the kindest people out there. She has a special ability to relate to others, especially young kids, a sort of ‘big sister’ quality that is admirable and impressive.”

Definitely a “people person” MaryClare says she will miss her friends, track coaches and teammates the most, but is very excited for the future.

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