Lindsey Rogers


Senior Lindsey Rogers is a star on and off the basketball court. She is the ultimate trifecta: a competitive forward for the basketball team, a dedicated student in her classes, and a humble humanitarian. Lindsey is well-rounded to say the least.

Look in the sports section of any local paper covering an IHA basketball game and Lindsey’s name is sure to appear. After earning a spot on the varsity team her freshman year, she has worked her way up the ladder to team captain. This year she was even named First Team All-County. Averaging about 11 points per game, she led the team to win both state and league championships. She is undoubtedly a gifted athlete, however, her teammate, and fellow senior, Nicole Fracassini says that best thing about having Lindsey on the team is her strong qualities as a team player: “She is always ready to help in any situation…she analyzes everything from different perspectives and provides different solutions for every problem.” It is a quality that she carries with her into the classroom.

Receiving Distinguished Honors is a feat for any IHA student, yet Lindsey has earned the honor for the majority of her four years here. She is also a member of the National Honor Society. She approaches every class with interest and enthusiasm; this year alone, Lindsey has taken three AP classes. When asked about her favorite class, Lindsey does not hesitate.  “I love psychology because I see how what I learn in the classroom applies to real life experiences…I am fascinated by the human body,” she says.

Maybe it is her interest in humans or maybe it is her natural inclination to help that inspires her to volunteer weekly at a local nursing home, one thing is for sure: compared to her competitive disposition on the basketball court, Lindsey shows a much more caring side as she works one-on-one with the residents at Van Dyk Nursing Home in Ridgewood. Lindsey approaches the residents with a friendly smile and unassuming confidence, putting any stranger at ease. She listens attentively and asks them questions about their lives. She is truly interested in what they have to say.

She will be attending St. Michael’s College in Vermont next fall, where she will be an “Exploratory” major, the school’s equivalent to undecided. Lindsey Rogers may not know exactly what she wants to study in college but regardless of what she decides, she is destined for success. With her determination and tenacity, the possibilities for Lindsey’s future are endless.

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