Kaleigh O’Boyle

Recently named valedictorian of the Class of 2014, Kaleigh O’Boyle is much more than a “smarty pants” (as her friends describe her), but also a well-rounded student. Simply put, she is the model “Blue Eagle.”

On the academic side, Kaleigh is one of two IHA students this year to receive the prestigious National Merit Finalist Spot. She is also an AP Scholar, a member of the National Honor Society Executive Board, and member of the Spanish Honor Society. Kaleigh’s newest accolade as valedictorian is simply a by-product of the hard work Kaleigh has put in since her first day at IHA, and her constant strides to challenge herself with Advanced Placement courses.

Kaleigh’s efforts in the classroom however are equally matched by her efforts in sports, service, and everything in between. Kaleigh is a dedicated member of the Cross Country and Track teams, and is also a co-leader for the CARE group Spectrum for Living, through which she completes arts and crafts projects with adults with special needs. Kaleigh is likewise part of the Christian Service Board and is a Peer Mentor.


“What can’t you do?” is a typical question asked of Kaleigh, as she also has a particular talent for piano playing, and pun-making. Her bubbling sense of humor and love of shows like, The Mindy Project and How I Met Your Mother, make Kaleigh more relatable and respectable to all her other classmates.

Kaleigh will be a part of the University of Notre Dame’s Class of 2018, on a pre-med track. After shadowing her doctor this past summer and attending “medical camp,” Kaleigh has found a passion for one day being a pediatrician, which is fitting for a student of her academic prowess and kindheartedness. She says, “I’m very excited for Notre Dame because it’s somewhere I can receive a great education as well as a great college experience.”

As parting words to Immaculate Heart Academy, she states “IHA has taught me how to become a better thinker and a more responsible student, and that the most important things aren’t always quantifiable.”

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