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Class of 2014 Graduation

The IHA Class of 2014 has graduated! On the morning of June 2, the faculty, graduates, and their families gathered in the gym to celebrate the Class of 2014. The students heard speeches from Salutatorian Danielle Cole, Valedictorian Kaleigh O’Boyle, and guest speaker, Class of ’01 alumni, Tracey Wigfield. The students proudly received their diplomas, as well as awards given by the IHA faculty. Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

grad 1 grad 2 grad 3 grad 4 grad 5 grad 6 grad 7 grad 8 grad 9 grad 10 grad 11 grad 12 grad 13 grad 14 grad 15 grad 16 grad 17 grad 18 grad 19 grad 20

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