Senior Spotlights!!

Claire McAndrew


Accents is proud to spotlight our very own Editor in Chief, Claire McAndrew, a truly multifaceted young woman.

 She has demonstrated her control of the English language as a writer for the paper since sophomore year and eventually rose to become its Editor in Chief.  She has devoted countless hours to composing and editing articles; managing and encouraging the staff; and formatting and promoting the newspaper.  While doing all of this, she tackled AP Psychology, her favorite class, and AP Calculus.  Yes, that’s right, our head writer has a knack for numbers and has been a member of the Math League since her freshman year.  She credits her academic success to her incredible teachers, particularly Mr. Mathews and Mr. Millard, for always pushing her to do her best.

Her teachers describe her as “someone who is truly humble and kind.  She is a genuine person whose confidence in herself and the respect she easily earns from others will take her far.”  She brings this same humility and kindness into all aspects of her life.  Claire is an active member of Respect Life; a Peer Mentor to the freshmen; a volunteer at a nursing home; and a religious education teacher at her church.

Her involvement in sports continues to prove just how well-rounded she is.  Claire played volleyball and softball for part of her time at IHA and even tried her hand at javelin last year.  She plays rec soccer outside of school and lifeguards during the summer.

We will miss her steady dedication and upbeat attitude as she moves on to Villanova University in the fall.  She is enrolling as “undecided” because she intends to keep an open mind, yet feels the challenging courses at IHA have left her well prepared for any endeavor.  She leaves here “appreciating the fact that IHA provided [her] with plenty of opportunities to grow as a student and as a contributing member of society.”

Claire, thank you for all of your hard work this year; we wish you all the luck in the world!

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