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Brigitte Lamarche

brigitte lamarche

Brigitte has contributed to IHA in more ways than one. Her wide range of interests and dedication to her activities have helped Brigitte become successful in all aspects of life. Since freshman year, Brigitte has played the guitar for the orchestra and jazz band, but her talent certainly does not end there. Brigitte has also been involved in the Science League since freshman year and has received some of the uppermost achievements including the highest scores in biology and physics categories. She joined Model UN her senior year and was named the best delegate at LABMUN 2014.

Even though she enjoys being in these clubs, Brigitte said that she is most dedicated to Mock Trial, which she has been a member of since sophomore year. Brigitte has held the main attorney position for three years! Brigitte describes her experience in these clubs and her career at IHA as, “a lot of hard work, but in the end it makes you stronger.” While her time at IHA has consisted of a variety of classes, Brigitte said that she could not pick one as her favorite because she has enjoyed and benefited from all of them.

Brigitte is praised by her teachers as a, “dedicated and passionate student.” According to Brigitte’s good friend, Katherine Kaminski,  “Brigitte consistently inspires me to reach further, to think outside the box, to reach what I assume to be my limits and shatter them. Yet what I love most about her is that while we can do lab reports together in physics and debate philosophy and ethics topics in English class, I’ll then see her in the hallway five minutes later and we’ll crack up over the dumbest things. She is always there for me–if I’m bored and lonely during the weekend, I can just call her up and we’ll almost always end up meeting to get sushi and having a fun time. She is so much fun to be around and to have as a friend.” Brigitte will be attending Princeton University in New Jersey to study molecular biology. Even though IHA will greatly miss this bright student, Princeton is lucky to be gaining such a wonderful student and person.

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