Autopsy released of Connecticut teen stabbing victim

On Sunday, Connecticut’s chief medical examiner determined that Maren Sanchez’s death was a homicide.

Maren Sanchez died Friday morning, after being stabbed in her torso and neck at her high school the day of her junior prom.

The suspect is a 16-year-old male and Sanchez’s classmate at Jonathon Law High School in Milford. He is being charged with murder as a juvenile so the authorities have not released his name. However, people who witnessed the suspect being taken into custody identified him as Chris Plaskon. The witnesses described Plaskon to The Associated Press as “a friend of the victim’s and an athlete” who seemed “genial and respectful.”

Authorities are investigating the suspect’s motive for the stabbing. According to several sources, Sanchez was stabbed after rejecting his invitation to the prom.  prom

Plaskon’s attorney, Richard Meehan, says that his client is currently held in a hospital undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

“His family is devastated not only for him, but the youngster who was killed. It’s a terrible situation all the way around,” Meehan said.

Mark Robinson, a technical education teacher, said that Plaskon is the third of five brothers in a family with deep roots in the community.

“There’s no reason to suspect he would have done this. I think that’s what makes it harder,” Robinson said.

Sanchez had been a member of the National Honor Society at her school. She had also been an active participant in drama and other extracurricular activities. According to her Facebook, she had been looking forward to attending prom with her new boyfriend.

Milford Alderwoman Greta Stanford said the school would remain closed Monday.

A memorial service is scheduled for Monday night on the school’s football field and organizers are seeking donations so the junior class can buy a memorial bench in Sanchez’s honor.

 – Claire McAndrew

Sources: ABCNews.com, AP.org, CBSNews.com


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