As many as 100 puppies buried alive in China


Chinese citizens are expressing anger as claims are surfacing that as many as 100 stray dogs in the Mongolia region of the country were buried alive. It all began when pictures appeared online of dogs trapped in a deep pit with messages asking for help.
A local woman who wishes to be unnamed said she “saw the pictures of the dogs in the pit on WeChat, and her and several other volunteers went to look for the pit and found it.” The group first tried buckets and ladders to save the dogs, which were unsuccessful, and then they eventually rescued 20 of the puppies with ropes.
Although some of the canines were saved, there were still many dogs left in the pit. The volunteers proceeded to contact the Yinchuan Stray Animals Home for assistance, however when Yinchuan went to rescue the dogs the next day, the pit had been completely filled with soil. After rescuing a few of the dogs they could see, they returned with a shovel and dug back into the soil, however it has been concluded that the missing dogs were killed then moved to a different location.
People all over China have been taking to social media to express their disgust and anger over this incident, with no one taking responsibility for how the dogs got into the pit in the first place.

– Margaret Joel

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